Praise for Between Hurricanes:

"I loved this book. When I finished it, I felt awakened and as if I had travelled great distances. Not just because of her varied subjects and tenors, or her impressive stylistic range.  And not just because of the resonant gaps between poems, and sections of poems, that her thematic energies spark across. But rather, because of the distances these poems cover within themselves, their rich relationships between concept and corresponding detail. Top it all off with a keen ear for subtle music and a big heart—you get memorable, mature work by an extraordinary poet."       –Mark Cox

“Jennifer Hancock’s poems are attentive to the small gestures we all make—reaching out, touching—they know how we recognize each other most wholly in such moments.  But their intimate physicality opens out to other dimensions, invisible ones, where the force majeure lurking in history or weather or desire begins to take shape like a seeded cloud. These poems move me in their steadfast loyalty to our aching vulnerability—there’s only one day at time here, and you’re only choice is to try and get it right.”       –David Rivard